Balthazar Getty net worth

Balthazar Getty net worth

Who is Balthazar Getty

Balthazar Getty is a professional Actor, Musician, and Model from the United States of America and was born on 22nd of January 1975

Full name

His full name is Balthazar Getty


Popular star Balthazar Getty is 45 Years Old


He is a Male

Date of Birth

He was born on 22nd of January 1975

Place of Birth

Getty was born in Tarzana, California. Balthazar


Balthazar is a professional Actor, Musician, Model

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He is from the United States of America

Early Life

Popular star Balthazar Getty was born on January 22, 1975, in Tarzana, California. Balthazar is the great-great-grandson of Getty Oil Company founder Jean Paul Getty. Jean-Paul Getty was the wealthiest person in the world in 1966, with a personal net worth of $1.2 billion. That’s the same as around $10 billion today. Balthazar’s father was the infamous


Star Getty Started his acting career at age 14 in 1989. He auditioned for the lead role in the movie Lord of the Flies after being spotted by a casting director, Robin Joy Allan, in his art class at school.

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During the 1990s and early 2000s, he appeared in the films Young Guns II, Natural Born Killers, Judge Dredd, Mr. Holland’s Opus, White Squall, Lost Highway, Big City Blues, The Center of the World, Deuces Wild, Ladder 49, Feast, and the television miniseries Traffic.

Balthazar Getty net worth

Current as of now, the net worth of American Popular actor Balthazar Getty is roughly estimated to $200 Million

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